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All beings possess an inner star.

And they all come from one place.

Via Lactea--the kingdom beyond the stars. The source of all light in the universe, the place that all hope is born from. Governed by King Altair and Queen Vega, life fostered peacefully under their rule--but after a time, they began to fear for the safety of their kingdom. What if they were attacked?

The king and queen used their power to create the legendary Pretty Cure out of the 12 brightest constellations. The 12 Cures settled on Earth, peacefully protecting the blue planet, and for centuries, all was well.

But then Ophiuchus attacked.

Angered at not being chosen to be a Pretty Cure, Ophiuchus allied with the ominous kingdom of Centauri, and returned to destroy both Via Lactea and the Earth. The Pretty Cure refused to let their home be destroyed, however, and fought valiantly against Ophiuchus--and almost all of them lost their lives in the process. Gravely wounded, Ophiuchus fled.

Only Cure Leo and Usami, one of the mentors, survived. They were left alone.

35 years later, Hirui Hidama has left her days of being a Pretty Cure far behind her. But what happens when Ophiuchus rises again--and worse, when it's Hirui's daughter who becomes a Pretty Cure?

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