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Mei blinked awake, torn from a dream about endless milkshakes, just as her stomach rumbled again. The girl rolled over, attempting to get back to sleep again – she was just hungry because of the dream she had, right? – only for a flash of light underneath her door to catch her attention.

Her stomach growled more insistently as she sat up and yawned, the girl absently rubbing her eyes. The strange flash didn’t repeat itself, though the pangs of hunger remained. Glancing at her clock for a moment – 1 in the morning, ugh, she had school later… - Mei sighed, getting to her feet. An after midnight snack never hurt anyone, and she knew there was still that stash of cookies she’d hidden in the cupboard…

Mei expected the house to be quiet and dark when she made her way to the kitchen, but there was clearly a light still on – and now that she was actually listening for it, she could hear hushed voices too.

“Ruru-chan, I can’t believe it! You did it!”

Well, that definitely piqued her interest. What were Usami and her mother talking about so late at night? Mei crept closer, making sure to keep her footsteps light.

“It was just like you said, Usami. Everything really was okay.”

Her mother’s voice sounded warm, happier than she’d ever sounded lately. Mei found herself smiling as a result, unable to keep herself from staying in the shadows any longer. She turned the corner into the kitchen, beaming – and then she just stared.

Usami grinned back at her, whereas the other figure offered Mei a warm smile. She had Hirui’s facial features – and nothing else. Her mother’s short, dark red hair had been replaced with long, orange hair that reminded Mei of a lion’s mane. Her hazel eyes had taken on that same orange shade, and the outfit she wore was only vaguely similar to the Starshine team. A coral colored dress that was longer in the back and opened out in the front, poofy, frilled orange sleeves, a long frilly skirt, shimmery gloves, simple shoes, a much more ornate star symbol on her brooch and headband…

It only lasted for a moment – in the next instant, Hirui’s Cure garb vanished, leaving her with the same hairstyle, hair and eye color, but the woman was now dressed in an orange shimmery, ethereal dress that seemed to be made of pure energy.

“W-what?!” Usami and Mei gasped at once, but Hirui only smiled again.

“I can achieve it for only short periods of time, it seems – it’s been so long, after all. And with a new generation here, I doubt I’ll be useful for much more than training anyways.” Again she smiled warmly at Mei, placing a gentle hand to her daughter’s shoulder.

“But…” Mei protested, stomach twisting and turning inside of her. It wasn’t right, it definitely wasn’t right for her mother to have worked so much only to not keep her powers!

“It’s all right, Mei.” Hirui said. “I’ll still be able to help you, I just can’t fight on the frontlines like you four – I’d be much more of a hindrance than a help.”

“But - !”

“And besides,” Hirui continued, warm, motherly pride in her eyes, “the team has you as their leader. I can’t picture anyone more capable than you, Mei.”

Mei felt her stomach drop, and the girl looked down. For a long moment, she paused, her expression unreadable – and when she looked back up, she smiled weakly at Hirui, tears in her eyes. “Even if you can’t keep it for long, I’m still proud of you, mama.” she gave her mother a hug, before yawning and excusing herself to bed, hunger forgotten with the new discovery. Mei left as quietly as she had come, hearing Hirui and Usami chatter indistinctly behind her. Once back in her room, Mei closed the door behind her, crawled back into bed – and stared at the glow in the dark stars that decorated her ceiling.

Her stomach twisted with fear, her heart pounded in her ears, and all she wanted to do was cry for reasons that didn’t involve her mother’s new transformation at all.


OP: "Shooting ★ Star!!" – StarSHINE 5
EPISODE 18 - "We won’t lose! Fierce feelings mean fierce training!"

“And that’s why Ruru-chan’s going to train you!”
Ushio, Sumire, Ibuki and Naori hadn’t known what to expect when Usami had suddenly announced there needed to be a Pretty Cure meeting held on the roof during lunchtime, but the four had definitely hung onto Usami’s every word, and at the bear’s triumphant declaration, Sumire and Naori gasped, whereas Ushio and Ibuki gave each other a high five.

“That’s amazin’! We’re getting’ trained by a real Cure vet!” Ibuki cheered, practically starry eyed over the idea. “It’s like bein’ initiated inta the Justice League or somethin’! I bet there’s plenty o’awesome stuff Hidama-san knows!”

“Will she be able to keep up with us though?” Sumire wondered. “I mean, if she can’t handle staying in her Cure form for that long…”

Usami nodded vigorously. “Ruru-chan can definitely keep up! She says even in her halfway form, she’s still pretty durable and strong! She just can’t use any magic…”

“Aw man, if that’s th’case, I hope she can teach us super awesome fightin’ techniques!” Ibuki beamed now, even more enamored with the idea. “Y’know, like those secret techniques ya see in martial arts movies?”

Ushio snorted. “I’m doubting Hidama-san’s a kung-fu master.”

Ibuki pouted. “Ya never know!”

Usami blinked. “We never tried teaching Ruru-chan anything like that…”

Ibuki sighed dramatically, mimicking being wounded in the heart. “Fun-ruiners, th’both of ya!” she accused, laughing all the same.

As Ushio, Usami, Ibuki and Sumire all laughed, Naori fidgeted with her hands. “I – I don’t think it’s a good idea!” she blurted out, fidgeting even more when everyone’s gaze landed on her. “I-I mean,” Naori tried again, shrinking into herself the whole while. “you all shouldn’t s-sacrifice so much f-for my sake is all. I think it w-would just be better to turn myself in and – ”

“No way!” came Mei’s sudden shout, startling everyone – she’d been so quiet during Usami’s whole explanation, after all. “I – we made a promise to help you, Naori-chan. We’re not letting you go through that again!”

Naori’s eyes welled up with tears. “But I don’t want you to fight either. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, I…”

“Everything will be okay, Naori-chan. We’re the Pretty Cure, remember? We’re supposed to help others.” Sumire said, voice gentle.

“We ain’t gonna let anyone take us down!” Ibuki assured.

“And you’re our friend, Naori – we don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for us either.” Ushio added, reaching over to squeeze Naori’s hand.

“So trust in us, okay?” Mei finished, shoulders sagging in relief when Naori offered a timid nod.

Naori sniffled briefly before checking her watch. “O-oh, I should get going. H-have a great lunch, the rest of you. And thank you, r-really.” she smiled and excused herself.

“I’ll go with you, Naori-chan~!” Usami sang, hurrying after the pink haired girl, practically preening when the small girl picked him up and hugged him. The four girls watched as the two left, falling into a quiet silence for a few moments.

“Mei, you holding up okay?” Ushio asked, breaking the silence. “You’ve been pretty quiet up until just now.” she pointed out, Ibuki and Sumire looking over at Mei in concern.

Mei paused, feeling that twisting in her stomach again. She wanted to say so much to them, she wanted to put words to so many feelings running rampant in her head, but…


A leader was someone who was there for others. A leader didn’t break face. She was supposed to be a leader – Usami and her mother had so much faith in her, how could she ruin that for them? She had to be a leader – a real one. And so that meant…

“I’m just fine. I didn’t get much sleep last night, that’s all!” she punctuated the sentence with a yawn. Well, at least it was partially the truth.

Ibuki and Sumire traded glances, before looking at Ushio, who didn’t seem convinced in the slightest. Ibuki moved to speak – only for Ushio to do so. “…you do look tired.” the black haired girl admitted.

Ibuki frowned, moving to speak again – only to be stopped once more when Sumire placed her hand over her own. The blonde blinked, surprised at the gesture, and then at the warning look in Sumire’s eyes. The gesture was clear: don’t push it. Ushio and Mei knew each other the longest, and if Ushio wasn’t willing to push the matter just yet, they shouldn’t either.

Mei offered them all a tired smile. She could tell none of them were convinced, but it was right to do this, she was sure of it.

She was a leader, after all.

Usami hadn’t come back just yet. Ushio had club duties to attend to, whereas Sumire and Ibuki wanted to scout for proper training grounds for the team. Naori had presumably joined Chie with Teahouse duties, and while Arata had offered to walk home with her, Mei had declined the opportunity.

She wanted to be alone with her thoughts for a while.

Being the last one in the classroom would be good enough for that, she supposed. Mei shuffled through papers in her desk, aimlessly putting things in her bag as she let her mind drift.

She was the leader. Her mother had said just as much, and everyone else seemed to agree with that too. Usami certainly did anyways, and no one had corrected him on it. In a way, Mei considered herself the leader too – even if Ushio had transformed first, Usami had located her first. And now that she thought about Usami’s words from so long ago again, he’d been waiting for her to awaken for a long time.

Had her mother known too? No – given how she had responded when she discovered her Cure identity, she hadn’t known. But she had dreaded it, it seemed. And now she was proud of her – for what? For being the first Cure? That didn’t seem anything noteworthy. Ushio had been braver than her, Sumire was more powerful than her, Ibuki was more suited to the role than her. Naori was destined to be a Pretty Cure too, and Mei was sure Naori above all others deserved that right.

Why was she the leader? Why did she think she had any right to be the leader? She wasn’t smarter or stronger or anything – she was just a normal girl, that was all.

Mei paused in the midst of her shuffling, her fingertips running over something familiar. The pigtailed girl looked down, seeing her telescope. It was dusty, no doubt from all the disuse, and Mei absently ran her fingers over the nameplate on it. Her father had given it to her as a birthday present years ago, knowing how much she loved star-gazing and she’d taken it with her everywhere since then and…

“Mei-chan~!” Usami sang, stepping into the classroom. “Let’s go home together~!”

Mei didn’t move, instead keeping her gaze rooted on her telescope.

“Mei-chan?” Usami asked, tilting his head. And then after a moment: “Are you okay?”

It was a loaded question. Mei opened her mouth, wanting to say what was really on her mind, but only closed it again. She had to be a leader.

But even leaders needed someone to talk to, right?


Mei paused again, then held up the telescope for Usami to see. “It’s funny, huh?” she smiled weakly. “If I hadn’t lost my telescope that day, I might have never become a Pretty Cure.” she closed her eyes, memories of Marfik’s attack on her replaying over and over, before masking her feelings about it with a laugh.

Usami paused. “Do you regret it, Mei-chan?”

Another loaded question.


Why did I have to push so hard to learn about Mama’s past?

“Why would I ever?”

Why did everyone decide I’m the leader?

“If I had never become a Pretty Cure, I would have never become friends with Sumire-chan and Ibuki-chan!”

What if everyone dies because of me?

Mei smiled wide, eyes scrunched shut so tears wouldn’t threaten to form.

Usami said nothing for a moment – then sighed in relief. “I’m glad, Mei-chan, I dunno how I’d feel if you secretly hated me…”

Mei walked over, hugging Usami tight. “I could never hate you, Usami!” she assured, hoping he couldn’t hear how thick her voice sounded, before she gathered her things. “Now let’s get home. I’ll make you pancakes!” she beamed, hoping the change in subject would work. She didn’t want to keep thinking about this. Not right now, anyways.

Usami was content to snuggle in Mei’s arms as the two headed home…

“Ah, now that I remember though, why did you go off with Naori-chan?”

…and he immediately froze at Mei’s innocent question.

“You’ve never done that before…”

Usami let out a nervous laugh. He didn’t want to keep her in the dark – but he was also hoping what he had planned wouldn’t be necessary. “It’s a secret!” he finally declared.

Mei smiled. “All right, if you say so...”

The two continued their walk home in silence, minds weighing with different troubles.

In the end, the group decided on training at Sumire’s mansion. As it turned out, the Mabataki estate had quite the impressive fitness room, dedicated to all sorts of exercise…

“I-it’s not really all that big though…” Sumire mumbled as she led the rest of the group to the wide room.

“Ya kiddin’, princess, it’s gigantic! Y’could fit half a football stadium in here!” Ibuki protested, gaping.

“That’s a lil much, Ibuki…” Ushio commented, though she whistled as she looked around.

“A room this size is more than enough, Sumire-san.” Hirui assured, nodding in approval. Once the girls had all stopped marveling the room, Hirui cleared her throat. “Sumire-san’s been gracious enough to let us use her estate for the next 48 hours – we have to make the most of it.”

The four girls nodded.

“I haven’t seen you fight properly – can you transform for me, please?” Hirui asked, and in four flashes of light, the Starshine team stood in front of her. Hirui paused, and with an orange flash of light, she transformed into Cure Leo. “I need you to pair off. Pisces, Virgo, you two will spar with each other. Aries, Libra, you’ll do the same. You don’t need to go all out – I just need to see what your fighting styles are like. Understood?”

The four cures nodded, turning to face their sparring partners. If any of them held reservations about practicing with a friend, it didn’t surface on their faces – and when Leo gave the signal to start, it immediately became a flurry of movements. Libra and Virgo were naturally swift fighters, whereas Aries and Pisces brought the heavy hitting – they were perfectly paired off.

Aries flinched as she blocked one of Libra’s kicks, swinging with her other arm to get a hook punch in. Libra yelped and turned her head, following the momentum of the punch to lessen its impact, but lost her balance in the process, falling over. As Aries reached over to help Libra up, she caught a glimpse of Virgo and Pisces fighting, and had to stare in awe. What Pisces lacked in finesse, she made up for in determination, so while Virgo was faster than her, Pisces managed to block blow for blow.

“Aw man, I can’t let her show me up!” Libra cried out, turning to Aries. “C’mon, let’s keep goin’!”

Aries nodded, just as Libra unleashed a flurry of fast, light kicks at her. The red Cure grimaced as stray kicks hit her, dodging when she could before offering another solid block and reaching out to catch the offending leg. Aries allowed herself a brief moment of victory – only to regret her distraction a second later when Libra leapt off her stationary leg, twisting her body around to nail Aries in the head with a sweeping kick.

Aries staggered back, seeing stars, before resolutely shaking them off, again offering Libra a hand. There was a thunk from nearby – it seemed Virgo had finally managed to overwhelm Pisces and knock her over. As the two downed Cures got to their feet, Leo cleared her throat again.

“Enough. I’ve got a decent idea now.” Leo smiled at the girls. “Pisces, I admire your resolve, but you’re liable to wear yourself out easily – brute force won’t solve everything. Virgo, you fight rather passively – you need to take a few more risks, seize opportunities when you have them. Libra, you rely too much on fast attacks – your kicks need to have more power to them.”

The three Cures shifted a little, murmuring apologies.

Leo shook her head. “Don’t apologize – mistakes are how we learn.” she then turned to Aries. “Aries. You can’t allow yourself to get distracted in fights – a lot can happen in a few seconds, and it’ll be easy to take advantage of things like that.”

Aries nodded but said nothing, the twisting in her stomach only got worse. Someone else could get hurt because of me…

“Now that I know how you fight, we can work on improving these things.” Leo said, as her form shimmered into her halfway form. “I’m not quite as sharp as I used to be, but I’d still like to practice with you one on one. Libra, you first.”

The next several hours were grueling, even with their Pretty Cure enhanced endurance. When Leo was done fighting one on one, she had shifted into training with Zodiac Arms – and after that, training as a team. It all melded together into an exhausting blur, and when the five of them trudged into the room Ryoko had set up for them, they had all promptly fallen to sleep.

Well, almost everyone, anyways.

Mei waited until everyone else had fallen asleep for the night – and then quietly made her way back to the fitness room. Her mother was right, they all needed to train and get better – and as far as Mei understood, she needed to improve the most out of everyone else. Hirui had said nothing about her fighting prowess, instead scolding her for getting distracted – it meant she wasn’t good enough in anything else, right? She had to fix that and fast.

Even if it would take all night.

[eyecatch 1 – Mei and Ushio wait on the roof as Sumire and Ibuki arrive with bento boxes and a large cloth fit for a picnic. The three other girls crowd around excitedly as Sumire opens a box up – only for the four to find that Usami has eaten all the food inside! The four girls sigh and then laugh. The Starshine logo appears in the corner.]

[eyecatch 2 – Aries shoots a blast of flame at the screen, which is followed by Pisces shooting a jet of water. It’s chased away by Virgo shooting a blast of petals, which are blown away by Libra shooting a jet of air. The camera pulls out as the four Cures pose together against a starry backdrop. The Starshine logo appears in the corner.]

“Naori-chan? You’re still awake?”

Naori blinked, torn from her reverie as she looked over at the door, seeing Chie looking at her in concern. “A-ah, sorry, I’ll get to bed soon, promise.”

Chie frowned, taking a seat next to the other girl. After her parents had gone to bed, Naori had decided to stay in the den, assuring she’d get some sleep as soon as she finished her cocoa. “You said that earlier.” she pointed out, gaze trailing to the mug of cocoa Naori had next to her. Not only did it look completely untouched, but… “And now your cocoa is cold.”

Naori only offered an apologetic smile, saying nothing.

Chie paused, uncertain. Then: “I know I don’t understand a lot about – well, everything, honestly. I can’t relate to the things you told Hidama-san and the others. I don’t know what it’s like to have the burdens you do.” Gingerly, the girl reached forward, placing a hand over Naori’s own. “But I hate the idea of you suffering alone. If you don’t want to talk, I understand – but I’m here for you, Naori-chan. I promise.”

Naori nodded briefly, still deep in thought. After several long moments, the pink haired girl took a shaky breath. “I don’t want anyone to fight anyone.” her voice was quiet, gaze still far-off. “When I first came here, I didn’t plan on getting close to anyone. I just wanted help, that was all. Even if I didn’t feel like I deserved it, I wanted help.”

Chie squeezed her hand.

“But then I became friends with them.” Naori’s voice shook. “And I don’t want them to fight because I don’t want either of them to lose. Even though Rasalhague and the others need to be saved, I don’t want anyone hurt. There has to be another way! I’m sure right now Hidama-san is training them the best she can. Everyone else is working hard and I’m not doing anything…” Naori gritted her teeth. “I should be doing something!”


Naori took another shaky breath. “U-Usami-san talked to me after lunch. A-about my status in the group.” she confessed, reaching into her pajama pocket. “H-he said if Hidama-san could reawaken her powers, maybe I could awaken mine too.”

She placed the Star Capsule she’d received gingerly on the table. Unlike the others, there was no ribbon decorating her capsule, nor was there a colored cloth covering it. Most notably, however, was that the Star Capsule was completely empty. The star decorated on it was a bronze color, etched with the symbol for Ophiuchus on it.

“B-but I don’t know what powers I’m supposed to have. There’s not even any magic inside of it. I can’t transform!” she sobbed bitterly now, and Chie reached over to hug her. “I’m supposed to be a Pretty Cure…”

Chie stroked Naori’s hair. “I’m sure you’ll be able to do it once the time comes, Naori-chan. It’s okay…” she assured as Naori sniffled, doing her best to comfort her however she was able. Chie understood it was important to Naori to be able to do this – but she also couldn’t get the memory of past battles out of her head either.

Naori may have been meant to be a Pretty Cure, but Chie found herself wishing more and more that Naori didn’t have to be. The girl deserved a nice, happy life – it wasn’t fair that she had to be roped into all of this.

Training started bright and early the next day, and to everyone’s surprise, Mei was already up and at it, jogging away at one of treadmills when the others shuffled in. Hirui and Ushio frowned in unison – but both of them said nothing, though Hirui did usher her daughter away from the treadmill machine and stalled with talking long enough for Mei to rest her muscles.

“I want to run through practice with your Zodiac Arms again. Let’s reverse from yesterday – Aries and Pisces, you can pair off, same with Virgo and Libra. Take it easy – I don’t want anyone getting hurt, all right?”

Once practice began, only Libra and Virgo sparred properly. Pisces eyed Aries warily. “I’m worried about you.” she said, her trident loosely in hand.

“You don’t have anything to be worried about!” Aries said with a yawn, slightly unsure on her feet. “We gotta practice, come on.”

Pisces didn’t budge. “You’ve been really withdrawn and weird. Something’s wrong.”

Aries snorted, knocking the trident out of Pisces’s hands with her scimitar. “We have to practice, you’re already losing.”

Pisces only narrowed her eyes – and then in a shimmer of light, detransformed. Immediately, Libra and Virgo stopped their sparring, while Leo made her way over to Ushio and her daughter. “I don’t want to practice.” Ushio said.

Aries stared for a moment, stumbling briefly. “We have to practice. We have to get stronger!” And when Ushio wouldn’t respond, Aries looked over towards the others. “W-well fine, I’ll practice with one of you then!”

No one met Aries’s gaze.

“Mei, please. I just want you to talk about what’s bothering you.” Ushio’s voice was quiet, but her gaze was filled with worry.

Aries stumbled back again, suddenly aware that everyone’s gaze was on her. “I-I don’t want to talk!”

Virgo and Libra traded glances, detransforming as well. Leo closed her eyes and did the same.

“Why is no one else taking this seriously?! Why is no one else practicing?!” Aries demanded, only to be met with silence. She made a noise of frustration, angrily detransforming like the others. “Fine, if I detransform, will you practice with me?!”

“Mei...” Hirui said, voice gentle as she reached and placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder.

“No!” came Mei’s angry response as she jerked away – and too fast, it seemed, as she lost her balance and went pitching to the floor, only to be caught by Ushio. The pigtailed girl blinked away the spots dancing in her eyes, before struggling to get away from Ushio too. “Stop it! Stop looking at me like that! I just want to practice! I just want to get stronger!”

Sumire took a step forward. “There’s no reason to push yourself so har - ”

Furious tears welled up in Mei’s eyes. “Yes, there is!” she yelled. “I’m the leader, I have to protect everyone!

Ibuki swallowed hard. “Y’don’t gotta - ”

“If I’m not strong enough, everyone could be hurt! Everyone could die! And I can’t handle something like that, okay?! I don’t want to watch all my friends get taken from me! I have to be a leader to everyone, but I’m scared! I’ve been scared since the beginning!”

“Mei, honey, it’s okay…” Hirui tried to step forward again and reach out, only for Mei to slap her hand away.

“No, it’s not!” Mei yelled louder now, tears streaming down her face. “I didn’t expect to be wrapped up in something like this, okay?! I just want to help people, that’s all! I don’t want anyone to die because of me! I never wanted anyone to start fighting ‘cause of me either! I wasn’t strong enough from the beginning, that’s why Ushio-chan had to save me! That’s why Sumire-chan had to save me! That’s why Ibuki-chan had to save me! Mama and Arata-kun and Chie-chan and everyone – they all got hurt because of me!”

Usami ran forward, tears in his eyes too. “Mei-chan, enough, y-you don’t have to - !”

Mei sunk to her knees as she cradled Usami to her, sobbing loudly now. “I DON’T WANT TO BE THE REASON WE ALL DIE!”

Hirui reached her first, capturing the crying Mei in a tight hug, silent tears streaming down the woman’s cheeks. Ushio reached her next, miserable tears dripping from her eyes. Sumire and Ibuki joined in immediately afterwards, both of them crying just as much as Ushio was, and together, the others all hugged Mei tight, refusing to leave her side until she stopped crying.

No matter how long it would take.

Mei didn’t remember falling asleep. She must have at some point, because she found herself waking up in a rather large bed. Weakly, the girl tried to sit up as her world hazily came into focus, and Mei realized she wasn’t alone either. Ushio and Usami slept next to her on one side, while Sumire and Ibuki slept next to her on the other side.

In the next instant, she remembered everything.

All the fear she’d been feeling.

Ushio refusing to practice with her.

All the stress and terror that had come bursting out of her.

The complete emotional breakdown.

Everyone coming to console her.

Mei blinked back tears as she looked at her sleeping friends – her friends who had come to her right when it felt like she had no one. They had stayed with her, never once insisting she was just being ridiculous. They cared for her, honestly and truly, and it meant the world to her to see them with her. In fact, the only one missing was…

“Mei?” Hirui asked from the door, holding a tray of food. At the realization her daughter was indeed awake, Hirui hurriedly set the tray down and came rushing to her daughter’s side, immediately hugging her. “Mei, honey, I’m so sorry, I didn’t – I never meant to put so much pressure on you – ”

Mei hugged her back, shaking. “ ‘m sorry too, Mama, I was just so scared…”

Around the two of them, the other three girls and Usami began to stir, and once they were awake, they joined in on the group hug once more. Mei found herself crying again, happy to have such loving support. She hadn’t relied on them before – and now all she could do was wonder why she’d ever thought she couldn’t come to them.

The future was uncertain. There were always going to be things that were going to scare her, things that she wouldn’t be able to handle on her own. But she could come to them, that she knew without a doubt now, and they would be there to support her.

Everything was going to be okay. Even if it didn’t feel like it at the current moment, it would be okay.

She just had to have faith.


ED: "Across The Sky" – Claris feat. StarSHINE 5



Mei: Everything we’ve been working for has been leading to this, but…
Ushio: The Serpens are so strong…
Sumire:How on earth can we beat them…?
Ibuki: Everythin’ we’re tryin’ just keeps…!
Usami: Next time on Starshine! Pretty ✰ Cure: A collision of stars! The Pretty Cure face off. I don’t think wishes will help this time…


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